Babs babblings

Who am I?

I'm a wife, a mother of three bunnies, and a fan. I graduated this past year from graduate school. I'm a woman, an equalist, a friend.

Why am I here?

To have fun. It's the only reason I'm online. That, research and catching up on fandom.

Mainly enjoy fanfiction writing and playing around with webpages.

My current fan based obsessions are:

Babylon 5
Doctor Who
Star Wars
Horatio Hornblower
And the various movies that have been out lately...Time Machine, Spiderman, Count of Monte Cristo.

I have a growing collection of graphics and walls at my site, listed above. Which is going to go under the knife soon. *winks*

Let's see: A little bit of pimping...*slips on pimp glasses*

Founder (idea was formualted with pamdram and rach74) and co mod of pmgpics. A place for posting of pics of PMG so people might drool, smile or simply stare at.

Founder and co mod of the_davison_den. Yet again, a place to put pics of Peter Davison to drool over.

Am contemplating a few others.

Oh and: Current muses:

For the Gallifrey game:

tegan_lj Yes, I like the character. :P





I play Denethor somewhere too.

At Theatrical Muse:

I have another author's name. I'll be damned if I can remember it now. So if I post under it...it'll be a surprise to us all.